onsdag 26. februar 2014

Inspiring Science Education International Summer Academy (Attica, Greece, July 13-18, 2014)

Vi har mottatt følgende e-post fra The European Physical Society:

6-day long Professional Development courses for Science Teachers
The aim of the Inspiring Science Education International Summer Academy is to support the professional development of teachers and trainers by offering access to a unique collection of open digital educational resources (e.g. remote labs, virtual experimentations, augmentations, simulations). Participants will be trained to link these resources with innovative pedagogical practices, implementing resource based and project-based approaches, in order to design educational scenarios by repurposing existing eLearning tools. Teachers will also be trained to appropriately select and exploit freely available existing eLearning tools and resources in their educational scenarios that suit their own needs in terms of planning, implementing and sharing pedagogical ideas, managing their classroom and organizing the curriculum.This will further empower them to create effective project scenarios to use in the classroom, as well as in multiple environments such as face-to-face, online and other technology mediated learning. Such a comprehensive open learning networks approach that allows teachers to access their colleagues' course materials, share their own and collaborate is expected to enable all stakeholders to examine their own practices in the light of the best performing approaches. The Inspiring Science Education International Summer Academy is part of the ongoing effort to establish a European Science Education Academy which is supported by the European Physical Society (EPS).
more info at ise.ea.gr

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