tirsdag 13. mars 2018

PolarQuEEEst mission - en invitasjon til norske fysikklærere og elever

Her kommer en invitasjon til deltakelse i et forskningsprosjekt for norske fysikklærere og elever. Prosjektet vil være et samarbeid mellom Centro Fermi, the Italian Physical Society (SIF) og Norsk fysisk selskap.

"In spring 2017 we were contacted by the mission PolarQuest (http://www.polarquest2018.org/) which is organizing a trip on the high-tech boat Nanuq along the itinerary followed in 1928 by the ITALIA airship of the Italian explorer U. Nobile. The expedition unfortunately failed, but it has nevertheless remained as an important historical moment of the North Pole exploration. The PolarQuest mission will leave Iceland around 20th July 2018 to circumnavigate the Svalbard islands to end its journey in Tromsø around 4th September 2018.

Within the EEE project we identified a double opportunity in this mission: a) to install a particle detector in the boat to measure the flux of cosmic rays at Artic latitudes where few measurements are available and b) to involve in this measurement also High Schools from Italy, Norway and Switzerland (PolarQuEEEst). The idea would be to bring three schools at CERN around May 2018 to build three of such detectors (consisting of simple scintillators with SiPM readout with GPS tagging). The detectors will be installed in July 2018 on the boat and in Schools in Italy and in Norway, to have simultaneous measurements at three different latitudes. Centro Fermi will be in charge of PolarQuEEEst organization and funding."

Se invitasjonen for mer informasjon: POLARQUEEESTnorway

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